Dad Jokes & Pranks Are Funny Too! | AFV Funniest Videos Compilation

Sometimes Dad jokes are lame and sometimes dad jokes are hilarious! Whether or not you find every joke and prank funny, I promise you will laugh at this funny compilation!

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Chitti Crazy Girl | Funny Jokes 08 | by Cartoonist Mallik – NavvulaTV

Latest Telugu Comedy Jokes by Famous Cartoonist Mallik

Voice – Concept – Character Design : Mallik

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FUNNY JOKE OF THE DAY | Not Exactly "Dating"

FUNNY JOKE OF THE DAY | Not Exactly “Dating”
“THE FRIDAY FUNNY” | Not Exactly “Dating”

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Bits of Real Panther bringing what you need to ROCK YOUR WEEKEND — a crazy fact and a short funny joke of the day. Watch this video and try not to laugh!

Bits of Real Panther video:

FUNNY JOKE OF THE DAY | Not Exactly “Dating”
(also) The Friday Funny (Episode #17) | Not Exactly “Dating”

Episode 17 of my “JOKE OF THE DAY” / “The Friday Funny” joke video series. I’m no cosmetics expert; but in an effort to conceal the black circles under my eyes, I smeared about 15 pounds worth of “face powder” into those dark recesses revealing my inadequacy of sleep. As a result, I resemble (at least slightly and in my own opinion) a Gothic zombie trying to hide his true identity and blend inconspicuously into civilized society. I really do relish my (relatively) “normal” days before YouTube!

And speaking of YouTube, please do not be offended if I’ve not yet replied to your comment(s). I spent all day last Saturday, Sunday, and Wednesday doing virtually nothing but replying to comments; however, there are simply so many that I may need another approach. Your patience and understanding are both truly appreciated.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this humor / humour (“FUNNY JOKE OF THE DAY” / “The Friday Funny” video) and have an awesome (and funny) Friday!

****** How to participate in the Friday Funny ******

If you’d like to be a part of “The Friday Funny” fun fact segment, email me (at either or these two things:

1) A collection of perhaps 3 or 4 random facts

2) An audio recording of yourself saying, yelling, shrieking, or crying several different version of the words “fun fact!”

I’ll then choose from among these things and use them in the video. Simply let me know in the comments if this interests you!

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Funny cat jokes

Video with funny cats!
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Joke of the Day – St Patrick's Day Special… [Kids Jokes, Funny Jokes, Quick Jokes, Dad Jokes]

Looking for terrible jokes? You’ve found the right place. These kids jokes are mostly clean, safe for children, and sometimes even funny. So funny you might laugh out loud (LOL).

Welcome. I’m Zig-Zach Gamer, and this is my daily “Joke of the Day” video. These jokes are the best jokes to make kids laugh. They’re funny jokes for kids to tell and quick jokes to learn.

Today’s Jokes are special for St Patrick’s Day. These St Partick’s Day jokes are sure to have you Dublin over with laughter! Irish you a Happy St Patrick’s Day.

These quick funny jokes are just for laughs. They’re always clean and suitable for kids of all ages, even if some of them are total dad jokes. Try and guess what the punchline is before I do.

Let me know if they make you smile or laugh. If you laugh of these jokes you must leave a like. Also if you enjoy please share the joke with your friends and subscribe for more jokes of the day.

Oh and one final thing. If you know any quick jokes, funny jokes, dad jokes or kids jokes please let me know in the comments. I’ve love to tell them to all my friends.

Thanks – Zig-Zach Gamer

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funny asian pranks and jokes | funny videos by FunAsia

funny asian pranks and jokes | funny videos by FunAsia

FunAsia is here to share funny videos from asia And the purpose of this channel is for comedy and Entertainment only.

watch funny asians everyday. subscribe,share and Like.

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